In today’s economy and business environment, independent agency owners face substantial challenges that threaten the very existence of their firms. Organic growth is tougher than ever before. Carriers seek ever-increasing levels of new business production, rate increases are offset by reductions in exposure base, while the economy forces shrinking market share. Competition is becoming stronger through partnering and consolidation, and carriers are reducing their support for training and sustaining new producers. These are just a few of the pressures forced upon owners every day.

A substantial part of Navion Insurance Associates’ strategy is to partner with and perpetuate profitable insurance agencies that find themselves in positions where sustained growth has become burdensome on the current ownership structure, or situations where the owner looks forward to enjoying retirement and is interested in cashing in on their retirement annuity – the agency.

We are actively seeking to partner with professional, well-run insurance firms, and producers with equity in their books of business. We have a seasoned management team that has shown consistent success in revitalizing firms and taking them to new levels of profitability.

Why Affiliate with Navion Insurance Associates?

Agency Perpetuation

Independent agency owners have invested tremendous energy, time and finances in building successful firms. In many cases, the agency represents a lifetime of effort. When retirement approaches, owners are generally not just interested in “cashing out” – they also want to see their firms continue to grow and they want to make sure that their employees and clients receive the service and attention they deserve. We also began as a family business and share the same passion towards the people (employees and clients alike) that have made the agency what it is today.

Agency Operational and Financial Enhancements

The old adage that “there is strength in numbers” has never been more applicable than it is in today’s business environment. Firms without the organizational and financial wherewithal are watching their books of business erode, causing profits to shrink year after year. We can address many of the difficulties facing independent agencies today, including:

Limited Access to Markets
Limited access to markets and programs can cause an agency’s competitive position to be challenged by firms with greater access. We provide affiliated agencies with access to our substantial carrier and MGA relationships.

Assistance with Acquisition and Buy-Out Opportunities
We can provide financial and operational assistance for identified merger or acquisition opportunities that may strain an agency’s capabilities. We can also offer assistance with buy-outs of key employees and co-owners.

Management Assistance
A strong sales team and substantial book of business may not result in profitability. The agency may have grown to such a size that existing accounting, management, and customer service systems are inadequate. In these instances, we can offer assistance with managing the agency and employing applicable agency automation to maximize profits.

Access to Capital
As the financial markets and lenders have made borrowing capital difficult, agency owners have found themselves in positions where obtaining money to finance expansion or acquisition is next to impossible. We have very strong relationships with multiple firms who are actively seeking to invest in the insurance agency market.

How to Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about affiliating with Navion Insurance Associates, we encourage you to contact Eric Magee at (714) 202-4710 or All inquiries and information will be held in the strictest confidence.