Franchise and Association Programs

Franchise Programs

As a franchisor, you take great care to select the people with whom you share your business concept and offer franchise rights. In return for sharing your brand, you require your franchisees to adhere to strict standards in order to protect and increase the value of your brand.

One of the best ways to ensure that the value of your franchise concept is protected is to make sure that your franchisees are properly insured in the event of a loss. Many franchisors leave the responsibility of securing insurance programs to the individual franchisee. The majority of franchisees choose to work with their local insurance agent and do not realize that these agents may not have experience working with franchise concepts. As a result, the franchisee could have serious issues at the time of a loss. Also, by insuring locations individually, the franchisees may not be getting the price savings they could enjoy under a dedicated program.

As far as you the franchisor are concerned, you generally require your franchisees to provide evidence of their insurance programs and to name you as additionally insured on their respective policies. In many cases, we have found that franchisee insurance records are not current and that they had not added the franchisor as additionally insured under their policies, leaving the franchisor exposed to possible claims.

At Navion Insurance Associates, Inc., we understand the intricacies involved in the franchisor/franchisee relationship and have experience developing insurance programs that protect both entities. Using our proprietary insurance tracking automation, we are able to track the insurance programs of all of your franchisees, leaving you to focus on growing your brand and making sure that the brand is properly protected.

Association Programs

One of the most beneficial services an association or trade group can provide its members is a sponsored insurance program. Associations can leverage the combined purchasing power of its members to obtain insurance products and services on more favorable terms than those available to a single business.

Navion Insurance Associates has the expertise and experience to assist your association in developing a sponsored insurance program.

How to Learn More

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