Brokerage Services Available

Insurance Program Review

A complete and thorough review of your insurance program and how it relates to your unique exposures.

Risk Management Consulting

Identification of the exposures inherent to your operations and options to minimize and eliminate the risks.

Claims Review/Adverse Loss Strategy

An in-depth review of your claims history and claim reserving practices. If necessary, development of a strategy to reduce reserves or close “open” claims that adversely affect current premiums.

Experience Modification Review

A complete review of your workers’ compensation experience modification factor. If warranted, development of a strategy to reduce the factor.

Coverage Placement and Review

A complete navigation of the insurance transaction from the initial interview to coverage placement.

Business Income Coverage Analysis

A complete review of your financial exposure in the event of a physical loss.

Contract Review (Lease, Subcontractor Agreements, Etc.)

Review of contracts that affect or are affected by your insurance coverage.*

Personal Insurance Program Review

A complete and thorough review of your personal insurance needs.

Employee Benefits Analysis

Analysis of the benefits (e.g. health insurance, dental insurance, etc.) that may be available to your employees.

Professional Services Available

Self-insured Program Development and Management

Feasibility analysis and development of self insured programs where appropriate.

OSHA Compliance

A review of your OSHA procedures and recommendations to keep you in compliance.

Safety Incentive Programs

Development of programs to incentivize your employees to maintain a safe work environment, helping control your organization’s insurance costs.

Loss Control and Safety Inspections

On-site inspections to identify possible loss exposures and solutions to contain or eliminate the risks.

Employment Practices Analysis

A review of your employment practices procedures (interviewing, hiring, personnel reviews, etc.) and advice to minimize your exposure, if warranted.

Environmental Exposure Analysis

Analysis of your exposure to environmental hazards such as pollution and hazardous materials, and your liability to environmental hazards that might be created through operation of your business.

Disaster Recovery Program

Development of a program to get your company back to its pre-loss operating capacity in the event of a catastrophic disaster.

Human Resources Assistance/Consulting

Assistance and consulting for employee management issues, including employment practices.

Earthquake Severity Analysis

Analysis of your physical exposure related to earthquake loss such as fault line proximity.

ERISA 401c Compliance

Analysis of your ERISA program and recommendations for compliance issues, if warranted.

Buy-Sell Risk Analysis

An analysis of the insurance issues related to company perpetuation.

Merger & Acquisition Review

An analysis of the unique insurance issues related to merging with other concerns or making acquisitions.

Directors & Officers Limit Analysis

Analysis of the exposures faced by directors and officers of your company and solutions to insure the risk generated by their decisions and actions.

ESOP Feasibility Analysis

A review of the feasibility of offering a Employee Stock Ownership Program.

The professional services listed herein are provided on a negotiated fee basis and may involve our firm's Strategic Partners.

*Navion Insurance Associates, Inc. is not a law firm. We recommend that you have a licensed attorney review all contract issues to offer professional legal advice.