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Business Owner's Insurance

Protect the needs and cover the risks for your business.

How We Help Business Owners

Shield Your Business from a Broad Range of Liabilities

Every business is fraught with risks. From equipment breakdown and business interruptions, to crimes such as identity theft, employee fraud, forgery and financial fraud, the liabilities you face can be endless. But when you have the right combination of coverages, you’ll be protected from all of it.

Cover Your Full Spectrum of Risks

Navion offers comprehensive Business Owner’s policies. Combining general liability and property insurance, we cover you from a wide range of risks, including employee and external crimes, data breach expenses, employee practices liabilities and many other professional liabilities.

Your Policy Fits You - Not Everyone Else

When it comes to insurance, one-size-fits all doesn’t apply. Your policy is written to the specific needs of your business. We assess the complex risk associated with your company and then we construct a policy based the nature of your operations, how long you’ve been in business, the value of your property and business assets and everything else that’s relevant to what you need. And for those companies that fall outside the insurance industry’s standard scopes, we’ve got you covered, too. So no matter what size your business is, we can build the policy that provides you with the best coverage at the best value.

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  • In California, many construction classifications are divided into separate classifications based on the hourly wage of the employee for each classification. In the industry this is referred to as dual wage classification. Each pair of dual wage classifications is divided into two "high wage" and "low wage" classifications. The "high wage" classification generally has a substantially lower rate than the "low wage" classification. The California Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) has adjusted the hourly wage thresholds for certain dual wage classifications beginning in 2018. The new hourly wage thresholds are