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Insurance for Nutraceuticals & Dietary Supplements

Insurance designed to keep your business healthy

Coverage & Protection for the Unique Needs of Nutraceutical & Dietary Supplement Companies

You Protect Your Customers’ Health. Let Us Protect Yours

As more and more people seek healthier lives, the nutraceutical and dietary supplement is booming. But while you’re helping your customers feel better, it’s often the health of your business that is most at risk.

Not only is your industry both highly competitive and highly regulated, it also requires significant amounts of capital to start and maintain operations. Add a seemingly endless number of risks, and the potential costs to your business are potentially unlimited. If you’re not properly covered, you can be subject to significant damages that can threaten the viability of your company.

More Than Just a Standard Policy

At Navion, we understand the intricacies of the brewery operations, so we go far beyond what’s provided by standard policies. Our coverage includes protection against:

    • Ingredients provided by an external supplier are contaminated and require recall of your product.
    • A supplier shuts down unexpectedly, disrupting your supply chain and delaying product availability.
    • Your company is sued when a customer alleges injury from the use of your product.

Get the Right Policy for Your Complex Business Needs

Unlike other insurances, we don’t just offer stock coverage. Instead, we thoroughly examine your business from top to bottom, identifying risks, potential liabilities and coverage gaps others miss. Then we answer any questions you have in order to simplify the process and to make sure the policy we write fits your needs.

Once quoted, you’ll receive a comprehensive yet easy-to-read insurance proposal including various payment methods available.

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  • This article provides an overview of general liability insurance and risk management items that should be addressed and understood at whatever level management and staff are involved in their respective functions.  Note that it is limited in scope and cannot comprehensively address all aspects in detail.  Each business operation is unique, and various issues and exposures are addressed, the applicability of which will accordingly differ for each business.  The information contained is to be used at the sole discretion of the company or individual.  A company or individual should always