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Insurance for Tech Startups

You’re disrupting the market. Don’t let risks disrupt your business.

Coverage & Protection for Tech Startups

Your Business is Unique. So Are Your Insurance Needs.

The beauty of a startup is that it’s new, disruptive and innovative. And because they’re new, startups don’t have a track record and proven business models most insurers look for. This makes them uncomfortable, because they don’t know how to quantify the risks your company faces. And what they don’t understand, they won’t insure.

At Navion, we’ve spent years working with startups, so we understand both your business models and underlying technologies. This allows us to fully understand the nature of the risks you face and to then create policies to protect you from them.

A Policy That Grows With Your Company

As a startup founder, you’re naturally focused on growth, market share and customer acquisition – not your insurance. We keep everything simple and understandable, so you can can make quick decisions and get the coverage you need.

As your business grows, your risk profile and insurance needs will become more complicated. Rather than locking you into an unsuitable policy, we structure an insurance program that expands at the same pace as your business.

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