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The right coverage at the right price for the complex needs of your business.

Reduce liabilities and costs with a policy designed specifically for your company.

Why Navion?

Get the Right Policy for Your Complex Business Needs

When it comes to insurance, one size doesn’t fit all. Each business is unique, and each one has unique coverage requirements. Unfortunately, most brokers won’t tell you this, because they can only sell you their products.

Navion is an independent agency, so we work with hundreds of insurers to match the best policies to your liabilities, risk profiles and business needs. We have no allegiance to any specific insurer, so we’re free to find only the best products for your business. So instead of representing them, we’re free to represent you.

Right Policy
prevent losses

Prevent Losses Before They Occur

Think your premiums are your biggest cost? They’re not. If your policies aren’t setup correctly, claims will cost you dearly. Unfortunately, most insurance agencies aim to give you the cheapest policies – but in the process, they leave you open to potentially huge losses.

We do it differently. We employ a dedicated team of loss control advisors to identify areas where you can eliminate and reduce exposures to claims and losses. And then we setup your policies to both limit and transfer your risk.

The Cheapest Policy Isn't Always the Best Policy

There’s no shortage of cheap rates out there. But cheap doesn’t equal value, because many policies have significant coverage gaps that leave your business at risk. So while you think you’re getting a good deal, the end result is often poor coverage, huge liabilities and far higher costs.

By matching the right coverage to the right price, we not only proactively minimize your overall costs, but we also improve your coverage and reduce your risks.


Cavecche Engineering

We have worked with Eric Magee at Navion Insurance Associates for more than 10 years and he has always been there for our company. Eric and the Navion team make insurance easy for us. They went out of their way to represent us for a prior workers compensation claim that was negatively affecting our premiums. We would highly recommend Navion Insurance Associates. You could not better service with any other insurance firm.

Joanne Cavecche Owner

Allstar Paving Company

Allstar has been working with Eric Magee from Navion Insurance Associates for the past 20 years. He has consistently provided us with exceptional personal service, going out of his way to handle our insurance needs. In addition to providing us with the best insurance coverage at competitive prices, he always leaves us with the feeling that he truly has our company's best interests in mind.

Kristie Howland Office Manager

Blue Ribbon Nursery & Landscape

Navion Insurance Associates is a pleasure to do business with, both in improving our coverage and saving us substantially over our previous carrier. We are confident we have found a great company for our insurance needs.

Barry D. Rodieck Owner

Our Solutions

Business Owners2

Business Owners' Insurance

Get the full combination of coverages your business needs, including Property, Liability and Business Income, into a convenient and cost-effective package policy.

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Cyber Liability2

Cyber Liability

Protect your business against liability expenses in the event of a theft or loss of data, and help you to comply with related regulatory requirements.

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Directors & Officers

Get financial protection for your business, its executives, directors and officers from claims against them from investors, customers, suppliers, competitors and the government.

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General Liability

Protect your business assets in the event of a claim or lawsuit for personal injury or property damage.

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Private Client & Personal Insurance

Protect your home, family and assets with premium insurance solutions and services designed reduce both personal risks and claims.

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Get protection for the property your business owns, rents or leases – including buildings, equipment, inventory, furniture and fixtures.

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workers comp2

Workers' Compensation

Protects your business with policies that provide statutory compensation to employees for work-related injuries.

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Your insurance advisor should be an expert in your industry. See how we can build a coverage plan specifically for your area of business.

life sciences2

Life Sciences

Insurance solutions for manufacturers, distributors and providers of medical technology and life science products and services.

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Extensive coverage options for manufacturing businesses in the chemical, food and beverage, metals, plastics and other industries.

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Professional Services

Specialized coverage packages for professional services firms including accountants and financial advisors.

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Protection & coverage built specifically for retail businesses including stores, markets, suppliers and online retailers.

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Coverage designed specifically for technology businesses, including hardware and software developers, information technology, electronic and telecommunications.

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Wholesalers & Distributors

Policies designed for the business across supply chain spectrum, including importers, wholesaler and distributors.

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Specialty Programs

Some industries have very specialized needs. See how we can create a specialized policy for your business.


Nutraceuticals & Dietary Supplements

Customized coverage for the nutraceutical and dietary supplements industry including retail, wholesalers and manufacturers.

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Protect the value of your franchise concept with a tailored insurance program to address exposures of franchisors and franchisees.

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Craft Breweries

Protect your business from the risks unique to the craft brewing industry with our specialized Craft Brewers and Brewpub programs.

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Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Coverage for the UAS and UAV industries including operators, distributor, suppliers and manufacturers.

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Technology Startups

Coverage solutions for technology startups with disruptive and unconventional business models.

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