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Directors & Officers

Protection for your company’s most valuable assets

Protection for Corporate Officers & Directors

Protection Against Business and Personal Liabilities

When it comes to liability, one of the biggest misconceptions is that personal assets are safe from claims. They’re not. The truth is that both business and personal assets can – and will – be targeted in a lawsuit. And even the indemnification provided by a corporate structure may not be enough to protect you.

Our D&O liability insurance protects the directors and officers from both business and personal claims. We cover businesses of all types, including for-profit business, private firms, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.


The Threat is Very Real

Over the last 10 years, 36% of all organizations have reported a D&O claim. These claims are numerous and can come from anywhere.

They can include wrongful act allegations and lawsuits under securities law, regulatory actions, misrepresentation, theft of trade secrets, provision of false information and breaches of fiduciary duty. Vendors, customers, employees, competitors and regulators are can all come after you, so you must protect yourself on all fronts.

Insurance That Covers You From Every Angle

Securing an effective D&O policy requires much more than buying an off-the-shelf policy from a standard insurance. Because every situation is utterly unique, you need an agent who truly understands not only your business, but the many ways in which directors and officers can be held liable.

Our agents and analysts examine your company from every angle. We identify risks you may not even be aware of and design policies to both limit those risks and protect you from potentially disastrous liabilities.

We can also combine our D&O coverage can be combined with other coverage such as Employment Practices Liability Insurance, so you receive even stronger protection.

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