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Insurance for Craft Breweries

Coverage that’s crafted as carefully as your beer

Custom Insurance Programs for Craft Breweries

Insurance as Unique as Your Brew

The craft brewery business is tough. In such a highly competitive, capital intensive industry, there are any number of risks that can cripple your business. And without proper coverage, you could be missing hidden liabilities that can lead to devastating claims.

We design brewery insurance policies to cover you from as many angles as possible, including over 50 scheduled property coverage enhancements. We take a deep dive into your risk profile and budget to deliver the best coverage at the best price.

And we even go one step further, by developing loss control and risk management strategies to lessen your exposure – before you pay a single premium.

We Go Beyond Standard Insurance

At Navion, we understand the intricacies of the brewery operations, so we go far beyond what’s provided by standard policies. Our coverage includes protection against:

    • Product contamination
    • Product recall
    • Spoilage
    • Special Events
    • Equipment Breakdown

Whether your brewery is brand new or a well-established, we have the ideal solution for your insurance needs.

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