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Wholesaler & Distributor Insurance

Your business can’t stop. We make sure it doesn’t.

Protection & Coverage for Wholesalers & Distributors

Coverage That Fits the Complex Needs of Your Business

Few industries have as many moving parts as wholesale and distribution. And in this environment your insurance needs are often as complex as your logistics.

On a given day, you can be involved in installation, service, repair, repackaged, relabeling, rebranding and shipping. Just some of the liabilities you’re exposed to include property, automobile, workers compensation and general liability.

Each one of these areas requires special consideration – and only an agent with a deep understanding of the nuances and complexities of your business can provide it.


Reduce Your Liabilities Before They Occur

Our agents have decades of experience in the wholesale and distribution industry, so we’re able to accurately analyze the risks unique to your business. We then develop a comprehensive solution to address each of their insurable exposures. And finally, we create a risk management plan to identify potential liabilities and reduce your exposure to them.

Rather than offer you just a single option, we work with a number of partners so that we can source the best possibles for both your risk profile and budget. Then we answer any questions you have in order to simplify the process and to make sure the policy we write fits your needs.

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