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Our Philosophy

We do more than sell policies.

Our Approach

Most business owners – and many insurance agents – believe that the role of an insurance broker is simply to sell insurance policies.

At Navion Insurance Associates, our goal is to be an integral part of your financial team and to provide guidance and solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. With an average of 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, our insurance professionals work with your management team to ensure that your insurance program becomes part of your business plan – not just another expense that takes away from your bottom line.

Why Not Simply Buy the Least Expensive Policy?

The saying “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more applicable when purchasing insurance coverage. Many inexpensive policies may not offer the coverage you need to protect your company. Unfortunately, many policyholders don’t recognize this until they are faced with a loss without coverage and are forced to bear the financial burden themselves.

Our insurance professionals take the time to fully understand your business and the exposures it faces. We strive to proactively minimize your insurance costs without sacrificing protection. In many cases we are able to actually reduce the cost of your insurance program while improving your coverage.

Risk Management

Fortune 500 companies employ dedicated risk managers to identify and control risks facing their companies. As insurance professionals, it is our responsibility to act in this capacity for our clients. In this role, we provide the following services:

Exposure Identification

We offer a thorough review of your operations and business practices to identify potential exposures to loss.

Risk Avoidance and Loss Control

We employ a dedicated team of loss control advisors to offer advice on eliminating or controlling existing exposures.

Risk Transfer

Once we identify the exposures your company faces, we offer methods of limiting or transferring the risk, whether contractually or through insurance products.


As business owners, we seek to to surround ourselves with the best people in their respective industries. From office maintenance to our CPA, we believe having the best service providers is crucial to our success.

As insurance professionals, we hold to this same ideal. We believe our clients’ needs are our first priority.

During the review phase, we take great care to become familiar with your business operations and craft an insurance program that is tailored to control your exposures to loss. After the program is in place, we employ a dedicated staff of service professionals to make sure your ongoing needs are met during the policy period. From issuing certificates and processing policy changes, to reconciling accounting statements and aiding with audits, you can count on us to deliver the service your business deserves.

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