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Private Client & Personal Insurance

Your success can make you a target. We make sure you’re protected.

Coverage for Private Clients and Personal Insurance Plans

Secure and Protect Your Valuable Assets

Success can make you a target for people who want easy access to your money. And in today’s litigious environment, high-net worth individuals and families are often the target of lawsuits.

Any of number of the daily aspects of your lifestyles can make you a target – even those that seem innocuous, such as employing household staff, serving on the board of a charity or even playing a round of golf.

Unfortunately, many people underestimate the costs of litigation, so they fail to get adequate protection. It’s not just the money. Lawsuits can damage your reputation, your future earning ability and cause immeasurable amounts of stress.


Coverage That’s Up to Your Standard

With substantial assets to secure and protect, your coverage requirements often far exceed those available through mass-marketed policies available online or on TV.

At Navion, we work with you to first understand your unique needs and risks and profile. Then we build a policy that only minimizes these risks, but also protects you should anyone file a claim.

Among the benefits you receive when you work with us are:

  • Eliminates wasteful duplications and coverage gaps that come with substandard policies.
  • Receive substantial discounts for a unified comprehensive insurance program
  • Flexibility to pay for only the coverage you need – customized limits to address the true value of your assets
  • Loss prevention services
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