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Professional Services Insurance

Tailored coverage for professionals.

Protection & Coverage for Professional Service Firms

Policies That Cover All of Your Needs

When it comes to professional service firms, insurance needs can actually be quite complex. That’s because the issues that can arise are actually quite numerous. Unfortunately, most agents don’t understand this. Rather than examine the specific needs and liabilities of your firm, they’ll often lock you into one of the stock policies their company sells. These policies look great on paper but typically fail to cover your full range of risks.

At Navion, we understand the nuances of professional services firms, so we design policies that cover the range of risks across all areas of your business.

We Cover All of Your Risks. Even the Ones You Don't See.

Depending on the nature of your company, your needs can range from simple to complex. All firms need coverage for their offices and employees, but many need policies that go beyond that.

We offer professional liability coverage to protect you from the risks associated with the services you’ve performed, including errors, misstatements and failure to deliver expected results to a client. We also protect you from data theft and cyber liabilities.

Even though many claims are fraudulent, defending against can prove expensive and time-consuming, so we help you identify risks before they come problems.

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  • In California, many construction classifications are divided into separate classifications based on the hourly wage of the employee for each classification. In the industry this is referred to as dual wage classification. Each pair of dual wage classifications is divided into two "high wage" and "low wage" classifications. The "high wage" classification generally has a substantially lower rate than the "low wage" classification. The California Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) has adjusted the hourly wage thresholds for certain dual wage classifications beginning in 2018. The new hourly wage thresholds are