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Insurance for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The sUAS industry changes quickly. Get insurance that keeps up with the pace.

Specialized Coverage for sUAS

Insurance Designed for the Unique Risks of sUAS

Your business operates in a dynamic, fast-paced and often unrelenting environment. We don’t have to tell you that. But what we can tell you is that such an environment comes with significant risks – and those risks must be insured so that if an incident does occur, you’re not grounded.

The current environment for sUAS operations demands specialized attention that address the unique needs, requirements and risks of both of sUAS operators and their clients. Navion has a long track record of working with all the leading providers of sUAS insurance to find the best coverage options for all facets of your operational needs.

Coverage That Keeps You Airborne

The FAA doesn’t specifically require liability insurance for sUAS operators, this doesn’t mean that liabilities don’t exist. Crashes, accidents and mishaps do happen. The consequences can be injuries to bystanders and employees, damage to the property and vehicles of others and damage to your own aircraft.

And while the media often focuses on issues relating to privacy and regulatory pitfalls, potential liability are, in fact, your biggest risks.

We understand your industry inside and out, so no matter what happens, you can stay airborne.

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