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Coverage tailored to your industry. Not everyone else's.

At Navion, we know the nuances of the businesses we cover, so that we can build policies that reduce the costs and risks specific to your industry.

Every industry is different, but most insurance companies treat them as if they were the same. Rather than examine the specific needs and liabilities of your firm, they’ll often lock you into one of the stock policies their company sells. These policies look great on paper but typically fail to cover your full range of risks.

At Navion, we understand the nuances of all the industries we cover, so we can design policies that protect you from the range of risks you're facing.

Featured Industries

Your insurance advisor should be an expert in your industry. See how we can build a coverage plan specifically for your area of business.

Life Sciences

Insurance solutions for manufacturers, distributors and providers of medical technology and life science products and services.

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Extensive coverage options for manufacturing businesses in the chemical, food and beverage, metals, plastics and other industries.

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Professional Services

Specialized coverage packages for professional services firms including accountants and financial advisors.

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Protection & coverage built specifically for retail businesses including stores, markets, suppliers and online retailers.

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Coverage designed specifically for technology businesses, including hardware and software developers, information technology, electronic and telecommunications.

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Wholesalers & Distributors

Policies designed for the business across supply chain spectrum, including importers, wholesaler and distributors.

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All Industries We Cover


Protection for automotive businesses including dealers, garages, repair, body shops, parts, and other automotive products and services.

Aviation & Aerospace

Protection for aviation and aerospace operations, products and services.


Coverage to protect contractors including general and specialty trade contractors.


Coverage for cultural institutions including museums, libraries and historical properties and sites.


Coverage options for private, public and charter elementary and secondary schools, as well as vocational and trade schools.


Coverage for entertainers, performers and event venues.

Financial Institutions

Coverage for banking, insurance, investment and mortgage firms.


Protection for healthcare businesses including physicians, dentists, laboratories, outpatient surgery centers, assisted living facilities and treatment centers.


Coverage for franchised and non-franchised hotels, motels, events and other hospitality enterprises.

Law Firms

Protection for attorneys, law firms and legal professionals.


Marine insurance coverage description overview goes here right in this space.

Nonprofits & Charitable Institutions

Coverage for charitable, volunteer and social service organizations.

Real Estate

Coverage for commercial real estate businesses, landlords, residential and non-residential property managers, and real estate agents and brokers.


Coverage for sports, health & fitness, camps, and other recreational activities and events.


Coverage for trucking firms, towing companies, emergency and non-emergency medical transportation, couriers and taxi and livery operators.

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