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Specialty Insurance for Specialized Industries

Your business doesn’t fit into a box. Navion offers specialty coverage that’s unique to your liability and legal needs.

Standard policies typically don’t work for specialty businesses - and that’s because standard insurers can only offer you coverage from the limited products they personally sell. At Navion, we don’t push a small set of products on our clients. Instead, we work with our nationwide network of insurers to construct custom coverage options to fit exactly what you need.

And with a firm of specialists who understand the nuances of your business, we build policies that deliver the maximum coverage at the best value.

Specialty Programs


Nutraceuticals & Dietary Supplements

Customized coverage for the nutraceutical and dietary supplements industry including retail, wholesalers and manufacturers.

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Protect the value of your franchise concept with a tailored insurance program to address exposures of franchisors and franchisees.

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Craft Breweries

Protect your business from the risks unique to the craft brewing industry with our specialized Craft Brewers and Brewpub programs.

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Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Coverage for the UAS and UAV industries including operators, distributor, suppliers and manufacturers.

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tech startups

Technology Startups

Coverage solutions for technology startups with disruptive and unconventional business models.

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