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Property Insurance

When disaster strikes, we make sure you can still keep the lights on

We Protect Your Property

You Built It. We Cover it.

Of all the risks that are most unpredictable, damage to your property is perhaps the greatest one of all. Theft, weather, vandalism and any number of other things can damage your property, disrupt your business and devastate your bottom line.

At Navion, we design coverage packages to protect you from these unexpected risks. This includes damage to your building, inventory, fixtures and furniture, office equipment, signage and records and documents. We cover other people’s property, for which you can be held liable if it’s inside your premises.

Protection from Loss. Assistance to Recover.

Accidents, weather, even “acts of God” all happen – and we cover you when they do. We’ll not only help protect you from significant losses, but our policies also provide support and financial assistance to help your business get back on its feet quickly.

Unlike other insurance agencies, we offer more than just stock coverage We understand that no two businesses are alike; each requires its own customized policy. So we thoroughly examine your business from top to bottom, identifying risks, potential liabilities and coverage gaps others miss. Then we answer any questions you have in order to simplify the process and to make sure the policy we write fits your needs.

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  • Current Conditions of the Insurance Marketplace Makes Insurance Due Diligence a Critical Concern for Property Buyers The insurance marketplace is challenging for apartment buyers, with rising premiums and declining insurer availability. We are strongly recommending that buyer representatives counsel their clients to conduct thorough due diligence on the insurance-related implications of their purchase. Making some small enhancements to the due diligence and closing process will enable your client to save thousands of dollars on their insurance costs. Key Due Diligence Concerns Current and Prior Insurance Coverage We recommend the buyer obtain a complete copy