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Workers Compensation

Accidents happen. Make sure you’re covered when they do.

Coverage and Protection for Workers Comp

Protect Your Business From Unlimited Liabilities

It’s a face: employees get hurt and sick on the job. And to make sure you’re protected, almost every state requires you to have proper worker’s compensation coverage. And state regulatory agencies are quick to come down on businesses without it. At best, they’ll levy a heavy fine. At worst, they’ll shut you down altogether. And if an employee gets hurt and you’re not covered? You could face unlimited liability that can bankrupt you permanently.

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We Proactively Assess Your Risks to Give You the Best Coverage

Navion assesses your business and then constructs the right package of Worker’s Comp coverage for you. We take a proactive approach, by first examining potential risks in the workplace – and then helping you to eliminate or reduce them. This lowers your potential liabilities – and costs – before you even pay a single premium. And when you work with Navion, we make sure that your coverage is tailored to the specific requirements of your state’s regulatory agencies. Each one is different, and so each requires a customized policy.

You’ll Save More than Money

A good worker’s comp policy offers more than liability protection. It shows your employees you care about their safety and results in a happier, more productive and more loyal workforce. And by proactively assessing your risks and then matching you with the right policy, we offer significant savings in premiums. The result is that both you and your employees get the coverage you need and, most importantly, peace of mind.

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