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Retail Insurance

Your customers depend on you. You can depend on us.

Protection & Coverage for Retailers

Insurance Designed for a Competitive Industry

There may be no industry as competitive as retail. Demanding customers, endless options, the pressure of online retail and the need for just-in-time inventory have all created razor thin margins – and little room for costly liabilities.

In this environment, retailers are faced with numerous risks. Product liability and premises liability can lead to significant claims. Cyber security – including credit card fraud – is an ever-present reality of the industry. And the ability to keep employees safe and free from injury will not only keep you stores humming but your bottom line protected.


Tools Designed to Protect Retailers

At Navion, we provide the guidance and insights to help you manage these risks and avoid claims in the first place. We offer our clients a number of tools to do this, including safety resources, loss prevention programs, and liability reductions through contractual risk transfer.

Unlike other insurance agencies, we don’t just offer stock coverage. Instead, we thoroughly examine your business from top to bottom, identifying risks, potential liabilities and coverage gaps others miss. Then we answer any questions you have in order to simplify the process and to make sure the policy we write fits your needs.

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